About SAS

SAS Forks Team

Over 50 years supporting the auto salvage industry

SAS ForksTM began life in 1972 as a late model auto salvage yard and over the past 50 years evolved into a full line attachment manufacturer. Starting with our 15ft forks 70’s, then to carbody and crushing forks 80’s and eventually hydraulically operated engine pullers and grapples 90’s to present. SAS latest offering is a venture into excavators with our Extreme Auto Processor and the Vulture. SAS has worked in, around and for the auto salvage and scrap recycling industry ever since its first day of existence.

SAS constantly works to stay ahead of the needs of the industry and its customers. Our products are designed to be direct fit to the equipment it’s ordered for and have minimal setup or assembly by the customer. With a strong market and public need for more and more recycled metals, SAS Forks goal is to continue to serve those needs and invent new products to make the job more efficient and profitable.