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About Bruce Bacon

I came into the industry working for LaBounty Mfg. and still think of Roy LaBounty as a mentor. Roy was an amazing man and if he still owned the company and was still with us, I would likely still be there.

Things change….a few of us left and started Genesis Attachments, a groundbreaking company that became a global leader in heavy attachments. A lot of my blood on the floor and I still care about the company and it’s people.

Things change….a few of us left and started Exodus Machines and developed a revolutionary Material Handler line which morphed into an Alliance with Caterpillar. Later, we launched, Fortress products, BladeCore, OilQuick USA and Connect Work tools. What an amazing experience and another great group of companies and people.

Through those decades, I’ve made a lot of friends in Scrap, Demolition and in heavy equipment distribution. And I believe, gained a reputation for fair play and doing things a little different. Picked up a number of patents by listening to customer needs and breaking the old rules of design.

My business mantra; always keep innovating, serve customers with integrity. Just do what you say you’ll do. Treat employees as partners and above all, hire people who are smarter than I am.

Things change….I’m back!! I thought I could semi-retire, but my wife said no! Truth is, I honestly missed the Scrap, Demo and dealer friends and co-workers. I am proud to be President of SAS and look forward to seeing many of you soon.

Personal life; I still love riding cycle, skiing once in awhile, working and most importantly, keeping 4-wheelers and mini-bikes running for my grandkids. I also fish, but I’m pretty sure they are smarter than I am.