Company Profile

Sales Department

SAS Forks sales team consists of a group with high level experience in the auto salvage, scrap and equipment attachment industry. With our Sales Manager Mark Kirsten, Inside Sales Rep Ryan Brumlic and Outside Sales Reps Andrew, Wendell and Salvatore, every customer takes priority. SAS’ sales team stands behind our company mantra of Satisfaction After the Sale. We strive to have every customers request for quote fulfilled within 24 hours of request.

Parts Department

SAS’ Part department, manned by Dean Kinjerski, is a fully stocked warehouse operating under the kanban system. SAS Forks stocks complete line of wear and replacement parts for all current products as well as most older units still in the field. SAS ships all orders the same day if ordered before 4 pm CST.

Manufacturing Plant

The Manufacturing plant houses welders, machinists and set-up, assembly and paint specialists. Highly trained and skilled personnel strive to provide SAS customers with the highest quality products delivered on time and within budget. With a desire for constant improvement not only for products but in the manufacturing process.

The first facility was in a corner of our dismantling garage, and was used to build forks for ourselves. As word spread, other businesses in our area began asking us to make forks for them.


Finance department is responsible for billing customers, shipping products and paying vendors. We at SAS pride ourselves on our determination to be a financially strong profitable company. A constant eye on profitability and expenses to give our customers the best prices available at all times.


SAS Forks is comprised of two full time mechanical engineers and a mechanical designer that design, develop, test, and validate all new products for SAS Forks. They are also in charge of optimizing current products to ensure the customer is receiving the best product. During the development process of new products as well as improvements on existing products, complete stress and fatigue analysis are performed to ensure the product meets the high standards that SAS Forks sets for their products. The engineering department works with production and fabrication personnel developing and improving upon the processes and procedures utilized throughout the manufacturing facility. Because the engineers are directly involved with the development and improvement processes of all products, they ensure the highest quality vendors are selected as well as finest materials are utilized in products produced by SAS Forks.


SAS Forks holds multiple patents on our products and we consistently strive to build quality products that innovate and improve our attachment offering. Highly patented, highly defendable and highly innovative products make sense.

These are just a few of the reasons why SAS Forks prides themselves not only in their employees, company culture but their full product line as well.