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Second SAS EXTREME delivered sets performance bar even higher!

April 19th, 2021

Brandon @ Bessler’s U Pull and Save, Hebron, KY – April 19, 2021 “This is awesome-stronger and faster than the last one!” I don’t think they are going to get me out of this seat!” [This is second machine Bessler’s purchased with the SAS EXTREME Auto Processor. The first was 4/2014. Bessler’s have had success over the…
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Productivity of SAS EXTREME Auto Processor with Volvo ECR 235 Excavator In Auto Recycling & Auto Salvage

January 3rd, 2020

111 SALVAGE in Granite City IL has grown over the years by focusing on details that add value to the customer and to the financial success of the company. Located in Granite City, IL, just outside St. Louis, with the Metro area serving around 2,000,000 people, there is a great customer base and source of…
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October 8th, 2019

SAS FORKS has been awarded a patent for the 15’ SAS FORKS Super Bumper. SAS FORKS is constantly working on improvements in SAS FORKS product line. This current product improvement is a result of recognizing the need from interacting directly with customers using 15’ SAS FORKS and the request to provide improved front car protection…
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Colorado Auto & Parts offer up 1969 Mustang to Roadkill for Junkyard Rescue

July 29th, 2017

Just a blast to see these guys in action: Colorado Auto & Parts an auto recycler that has been in business decades has fun collecting and customizing cars.  Gary, has a blast operating the Caterpillar wheel loader with SAS FORKS in this video. SAS CRUSHING FORKS with claw engine puller, startles Roadkill guys at the…
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France delivery of SAS EXTREME

SAS EXTREME ELV Auto Processing attachment in France!

July 11th, 2016

Installation BT Products is the distributor for SAS FORKS and SAS EXTREME in Europe. Barbara from BT Products ( ) worked with an auto recycler in Paris France to understand the auto recycler’s needs.  In cooperation with Bronnenberg BV ( ) the installation and delivery went smoothly.  The SAS EXTREME ELV auto processing excavator…
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