Lumber Industry

December 4th, 2014

Logging Grappler Forks

Lifting and moving poles, lumber, pallets, etc.
Specialty Designed SAS FORKSTM with high headache rack to prevent materials from tipping back onto operator.

Warehousing and Material Handling Applications
SAS FORKS are available for nearly any type of Material Handling job. We stock many standard forged pallet forks for forklift applications. We can custom design and manufacture carriage assemblies for most any application. SAS FORKS for most any material handling application or size requested.

Marina Use for Boat Lifting & Storage
SAS FORKS are made for use with special forklifts which have negative lift capabilities to reach under docked boats to lift them out of the water. The forks are made for use with hull type or pontoon type boats. The surfaces of the forks can be lifted with either flat rubber pads (for pontoon boats) or cushioned surface for standard hull type boats. Capacities and lengths are made per order.

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