Adjustable Pallet & Multi-Use Forks

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For use in general pallet handling to heavy duty applications SAS Adjustable forks can handle a wide variety of material handling needs. Move pallets, containers equipment, pipe and other materials safely with the correct set of SAS Forks designed for your application. Adjustable forks can be manufactured to any width of carriage and a wide variety of fork movement needs. Available for any wheel loader manufacturers equipment and quick coupler design in the market, they are the most versatile forks in the market.

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  • One set of forks to handle all your material handling needs.
  • Handling basic pallets, containers, implement equipment, pipe and other materials.
  • Easy adjustment with integrated SAS Ratchet Rail to position forks for best versatility needed for many worksite applications.
  • Provide the proper balance for wide loads. Fork spacing from 2″ to 260″available.
  • Precision fabricated direct pin mounting or quick attach bracket mount available for any make or model of machine and coupler type. (Wheel loader, forklift, telehandler, excavator, backhoe)

Engineered and built tough for your service requirements:

  • 65% more weld is applied to SAS shaft mounted forks than traditional hook mounted forks, providing more durability.
  • Heavy lower impact plate structure for long term durability.*
  • Substantially increased blade life. 100% of blade failure due to heal lock weldment stress is eliminated because SAS Heavy Duty Adjustable Forks use top swing lock forks which reduce fork elbow stress as compared to traditional heel locks.
  • Breakout force capable forks can be engineered by special request.


Adjustable Forks Brochure

SAS Forks are available in standard and custom sizes to fit into the construction industry where moving multiple different sizes of materials from pallets, bins, structural components and loose material. Stacking pallets in warehouses as well as loading/unloading of trucks including vans to flatbeds can be done with SAS Adjustable forks. These assemblies can be built with manual or hydraulic fork positioning as well as side shift and rotation.

All around material handling with SAS Adjustable Forks simplifies the yard operations in many construction yards, oil rigs, forestry and and logging/lumber yards. Let SAS manufacture the ideal forks for your needs.

5 reviews for Adjustable Pallet & Multi-Use Forks

  1. Dennis, LKQ 100, FL

    Today we received the forks you had made for us. And they were a prefect fit. Thanks. It is nice to order something and when comes in, to have it be right.

  2. Dave, MI

    The customer is very pleased with the SAS FORKS. I am very impressed with the quality – these are solid.

  3. Robert, West Salom Recyclers

    The construction of these forks are better than any I’ve ever seen! The visibility is great. I can see the tips and blades very well. The feature that the blades are easily replaceable was important to me. I will be buying from SAS again.

  4. Jim, British Petroleum America, AK

    We love your service and appreciate everything you’ve done to get this unit out to Alaska so quickly.

  5. Paul Secker

    Rick, Scrap Metal Services, IL
    Responded to customer survey:
    Choose SAS FORKS for: Quality, Ease of ordering & Expertise and knowledge of product
    Salesperson: Listened to our needs & was pleasant to deal with
    We received what we expected.
    We would refer SAS FORKS to a friend or business associate.
    Case 921C wheel loader

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