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SAS Forks has developed these special car body forks for applications which lift individual cars from the side and also where it is desirable to lift pallets. SAS Car Body Forks are custom manufactured for wheel loaders and a variety of materials handling equipment. This unit is available in Quick Attach or pin attach.

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Handling individual cars or light trucks from the side efficiently:

  • Get maximum lift from your loader. This is the optimum car handling fork for smaller wheel loaders due to SAS Car Body Forks being of light weight construction (approximately 1,560 lbs.) and center of gravity of only 20″.
  • Slide forks with ease under cars. The tip taper and outside edge taper ensure ease of entry and exit the lowest cars, even without wheels or suspension.
  • Low profile design provides the ability to pick up wide clip or box pallets.
  • Clean up of ground debris is a snap with the center plow blade.
  • Protect doors from damage with 84″ long blades and optional Rubber Rocker Panel Bumpers.


Engineered and build for handling cars safely.

  • Car Stability is assured with the wide stance and fixed fork blades providing ample length to enter the side of the car and reach across the frame rails. These fixed width forks are better than typical adjustable forks for this application due to the fact that adjustable forks may eventually slide closer together causing a tipping risk for cars.
  • Built with solid steel high strength blade for extended for service life.
  • Stress points typically found by gussets are eliminated by special SAS™ carriage design which allows forks to be secured without welding across the top of the fork.
  • Excellent operator visibility enables less operator damage due to blind spots. Breakout force capable, forks can be engineered and built by special request.


Car Body Forks Brochure

Car body forks are NOT built for prying, crushing or machines over 34,000 pounds.



8 reviews for Car Body Forks

  1. Frank, Swift Towing & Recovery, DE

    I would give the SAS Car Body Forks 5 Stars!…I am very happy with the SAS Car Body Forks.

  2. Jack, Stricker Auto Parts, OH

    We’ had no problem with your forks. We are very pleased. You guys build good stuff- They’ve been in use for many years here. They are the only forks for this industry.

  3. Dave, B Auto Parts, IL

    The forks works very well. [In our auto salvage yard] We are pleased.

  4. Fred, Gene’s Auto Parts, MI

    We purchased our SAS Forks through Wolverine, our local Volvo Dealer. They [SAS Forks] are working well.- Nice set up

  5. Mark, Thompson Automotive Recycling, PA

    These forks are bullet proof. I don’t think I could break them if I wanted to! I have referred a lot of people to SAS and if I ever need another set of forks, which I doubt, because these will lower me into the ground, I will call SAS in a heartbeat!

  6. Lee, Banks Auto Recycling, MD

    We’ve had other forks in the past, we definitely like SAS Forks the best. We’ve never had any problems with SAS Forks. We especially like the Flat Forged 15′ SAS Forks on our Case 721. We operate 3 salvage yards that all run SAS Forks.

  7. Norm, Stadium Auto Parts, CO

    I am happy with the quality and performance of SAS Car Body Forks for our CAT 18F with the quick attach

  8. Mike, U-Pull-It, FL

    We love your forks so much, I’m calling today to order 3 more sets for our new Volvo L90’s!

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