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Utilizing the similar engineering features of our proven 15′ SAS Forks, we have developed a superior strength Crusher Fork that is made to handle the tough use on a daily basis in auto salvage operations, scrappers, and contract crushers. These are available in 5 styles and have various customizable features to best fit your operation.

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SAS Crushing Forks designed for rough service, crushing roofs, moving stacks of cars, loading car crushers, overall heavy use in and around a crusher and prying out engines*, and known to last 3 times longer than traditional forks!


Engineered and built tough for relentless durability:

  • Heavy duty carriage construction for continuous harsh service applications.
  • Engineered to eliminate high-stress points and distribute load forces for extended useful life.
  • Strong with forged solid steel fork tines for extended service life.
  • Handle cars and trucks from the side safely.
  • Fast cycle times and improved operator confidence with the SAS high-visibility carriage.
  • Car stability is assured with the wide stance SAS Crushing Forks and fixed fork position. Load tipping risk associated with adjustable forks eventually sliding close together is eliminated.
  • SAS Crusher Forks reach across the frame rails and unibody of a vehicle to provide stability of the load.
  • 6′ SAS Crushing Forks do not extend beyond the far side of the vehicle thus preventing damage to rear support of racks, the back panel of crushing machinery and adjacent vehicles.


Increased return on your investment:

  • Reduce or eliminate handling damage when lifting good vehicles from the side with SAS Forks high-visibility carriage and optional SAS rubber or steel Rocker Panel Bumpers.
  • Serviceable for long life. Skid plates provide protection on the bottom of the carriage.
  • Blades easily replaceable if ever damaged or worn from extensive use.


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15 reviews for Crushing Forks

  1. Bob, Newco Metal & Auto Recycling, Canada

    Bullet proof. The custom SAS Crushing Forks work great for our car crushing operations. The heavy duty rack you built us is great!

  2. Pete, Alter Scrap, NE

    There is no doubt about it you manufacture the best forks on the planet.

  3. Matt, Car World Used Auto Parts, Canada

    I’ve never had forks in my life as good as these. They are the best forks out there.

  4. Jeff, Young’s Rescue and Recovery, NY

    I’ve had these forks since 2004 on my John Deere loader, this is a good set of forks. They are very well made. Well worth it! – They are everything you said they would be. I am very pleased.

  5. Jim, Westco Machinery, MT

    We’e not surprised at the quality & heavy nature of the forks, but Mike was blown away by your quality

  6. Danny, U-Pull-It, NE

    I like your stuff better than anyone else. We have SAS Crushing Forks, SAS Claw Forks, and the new SAS Scorpion engine puller. Your stuff fits right up with no work!”

  7. Flip, NH

    We’ve bought 9 sets of SAS Forks for our customers. If someone wants a durable high quality fork, we use SAS Forks.

  8. Jack, Rockwood Auto Parts, MI

    My SAS Long Forks are working great! This is a nice design. They hold up. The quick blade replacement design is great! I wouldn’t consider buying anything else!

  9. Sean, NJ

    SAS is a stand up company. I would recommend their forks over anyone else. Best forks we’ve ever sold!

  10. Harold, E&H Car Crushing Co., FL

    We have SAS CRUSHING FORKS and our guys are rough. Your hold up! We are happy with the forks!

  11. William, AL

    William, AL
    You [SAS FORKS] make an awesome product! The last 15 years be been only using SAS FORKS!
    [ Heavy Duty SAS Crushing Forks installed on John Deere 544J and 624J wheel loaders ]

  12. Steven, Towing & Auto Salvage Business, IN, USA

    Nice set of forks!
    [ Heavy Duty SAS Crushing Forks installed on Volvo L90 wheel loader ]

  13. Dan – Nevada Pic-A-Part – Auto Recycler

    The forks are very good, very happy! We have many sets of SAS FORKS. SAS FORKS is the first call I make when we need forks!
    [Heavy Duty SAS Auto Crushing Forks installed on Cat 918M with Fusion Coupler]
    [Since 2004 bought 5 sets of SAS Crushing Forks from SAS installed on Cat 914K Cat 926F, Cat 950A, John Deere 624H, Cat 914K, plus current Cat 918M]

  14. Earl Avery @ Avery’s Auto Salvage, Two Rivers, WI

    we bought three pairs from SAS never had a problem
    [Posting from Professional Salvage Yard Information Forum 1/28/2021]
    [Volvo L110F fitted with 15’Long 6″ wide SAS Forks, 6′ Long 6″ wide SAS Heavy Duty Crushing Forks, and 5′ Long, 6″ wide Hydraulic Adjustable SAS Forks – purchased from SAS Forks in 2008 ]

  15. Chaz @ Chaz’s Used Auto Parts, Taneytown, MD

    Sas. can’t beat them. the best!
    [Posting from Professional Auto Salvage Information Forum 1/28/2021]
    [John Deere 644B wheel loader fitted with 6′ Long 6″ wide Heavy Duty SAS Crushing Forks – purchased from SAS Forks 6/2001]

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