Rake / Bucket / Fork Grapples

Move all sizes and shapes of materials clean and safely. With a wide variety of bucket and rake configurations you can move sand, waste, trees, mulch, pipes, logs as well as scrap metal, the possibilities are endless. Many sizes of grapples and openings are available and can be mounted on buckets, rakes and or fork assemblies. If you need to move it SAS can manufacture the grapple to fit your exact needs.

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Grab revenue not dirt:

  • Keep your revenue up with clean material moving out! SAS Rake Forks minimizes unwanted gravel and dirt up during transfer.
  • Series of fork tines allows operator to pick up irregular shaped materials.
  • Metal Recyclers – load scrap steel, white goods and loose sheet metal into crushers and bailers by avoiding undesirable dirt which downgrades your recycling revenue.
  • Landscapers – Confidently feed chippers with brush, branches and scrap pallets.
  • Clean up of ground debris is a snap.

Standard and custom designs for your application:

  • Built with solid steel high strength blades for extended service life.
  • TYPE 1: Fixed, welded in place, vertical blades, offering maximum vertical strength.
  • TYPE 2: Fixed shaft mounted, flat position blades, offering maximum horizontal strength and lowest entry height under materials. Blades can be changed in this unit very easily by removing a bolt and shaft.
  • Heavy duty designs allow for maximum machine output and attachment longevity.


Grapple Attachments Brochure Rake Forks Brochure


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