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SAS of Luxemburg has been manufacturing long forks for moving vehicles in salvage yards, auto recyclers, and auto pools since 1972. We have first hand knowledge of the needs of the users and the structural demands on the forks in this type environment. Long Forks are designed to fit your specific applications and usage pattern.

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Handling cars from front with SAS Forks will prevent damage:

  • Move cars quickly and safely without causing damage.
  • Reach suspensions to lift on solid components. 15′ SAS Forks when used properly will not damage undercarriages, drive shafts, transfer case, transmissions, fuel tanks, etc.
  • Save hundreds of dollars per day by handling cars from the front with SAS FORKS by eliminating door damage and loss of this inventory revenue as a result from side lifting damage.
  • Cars remain stable and are held from sliding sideways by fixed distance between forks.
  • Fast moving is ensured to be safe with the exclusive Standard 15′ SAS FORKS proprietary design that does not bounce. This is essential for moving cars and light trucks across rough and unpredictable terrain to ensure cars don’t flip off the forks.
  • Protect revenue and front end components with SAS Bumpers.
    Visibility of operator is provided with our see thru carriage for safety.
    Quick entry under cars is provided with standard 3″ vertical blades which have 60% less chance hitting under chassis components than typical 8″ wide forks, resulting in less chance of pushing this car into the next one.
    Lowest initial entry height is available with optional 6″ flat blades and more side rigidity when articulating the loader. Width of the blade does not affect vehicle stability.


Proven design:

  • Warranty: 1 year limited warranty on assembly with 3 years on standard 3″ x 5″ x 15.5′ blades.
  • Replaceable skid pads on fork tips and carriage. Replaceable blades, usually 1 to 2 hours


Best suited for:

  • 26,000 lbs. curb weight wheel loader minimum.
  • Forklift with a load capacity of 14,000 lbs. at 2 feet or greater.


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25 reviews for Long Forks

  1. Ken, Bill’s Used Parts, VA

    Very happy with the product we bought from you [SAS FORKS]. We won’t look anywhere else for forks.

  2. Marty, Lewisville Motor Company, NC

    We are real pleased with your forks and how they have held up.

  3. Marty, Volvo Construction Equipment Demonstration Center, NC

    15 foot SAS Forks are handy for loading…. very handy… really works for us… I will be ordering another set soon.

  4. Scottie, All Foreign Used Auto Parts, VA

    Working very good. … They’ve paid for themselves.

  5. Jeff, Jeff Miller’s Auto Parts, Nova Scotia, Canada

    They work perfectly. I am very happy

  6. Pete, Pete’s Auto Wrecking, MI

    We have had absolutely no problem with your forks. [Purchased in 2002] We are very pleased.

  7. Richy, Foils Auto Recycling llc, NC

    SAS Long forks are the smartest money I’ve ever spent.

  8. Kenny, Sapulpa Auto Pool, MO

    When we ordered our new machine “Godzilla” we also ordered our SAS Forks. The forks are perfect for our Salvage Business we could not get along with out them. Great Forks thank you

  9. Jack, Stricker Auto Parts, OH

    We’ had no problem with your forks. We are very pleased. You guys build good stuff- They’ve been in use for many years here. They are the only forks for this industry.

  10. John, Auto Parts City, IL

    “If you are going to buy, go with the best! We have used SAS FORKS for many years and have been very pleased. There is no other choice!”

  11. Gary, ABC U Pull, FL

    In the past we handled all our cars from the side. We were continuously damaging doors from this side loading. Locally, we actually become known for not having any good doors. Once we purchased long SAS FORKS that allowed us to lift cars from the front, we could sell good doors. With long 15′ SAS FORKS we can handle cars and trucks without any door damage.

  12. Grant, Phil’s Auto Parts, MI

    We just received the forks yesterday, and love them.
    Volvo L70F equipped with 15′ SAS FORKS for handling Salvage Cars and Trucks

  13. Aron

    Aron, Auto Salvage
    “Partnership at its finest. Thanks team SAS.” Comment related to completing SAS Forks and shipping on time as committed.
    15′ SAS Forks installed on Caterpillar 938M wheel loader

  14. Sid, Tubbs Used Auto Parts, VA

    I purchased a set of the 15’ car forks from you about 8 years ago and they have done awesome they have over 11,000 hours on them now and I think they are an exceptional product.

  15. Eric @ Red’s Auto, IL

    John Deere 644G SAS Forks Model 15#1
    We are very happy with our 15′ SAS FORKS. We bought them 20 years ago and they are still going great!

  16. Gordon, VS Truck Works, Canada

    We’ve had the long SAS FORKS since 2015. They still look new. Awesome forks! Very impressive! We were initially concerned if the forks would fit, due to SAS had us complete some measurements on our quick coupler. The forks fit absolutely perfect!
    18 Foot SAS FORKS installed on Cat 938F

  17. Scott at North End Auto Wrecking, IA

    10/14/2019: Back in 2003 we purchased 15′ SAS Forks and 6′ SAS Crushing Forks for our John Deere 644H. The SAS Forks outlasted the machine! We changed the quick coupler brackets and now us the same SAS Forks on Case 821! I’m calling today to get information for a new set for another machine.
    10/2/2020: After using SAS Forks since 2003, the same SAS Forks are still in service on the Case 821, we purchased new 15′ SAS Forks with our new Case 721GXT. These are heavy forks and get used all day long.

  18. Larry Brown @ Jerry Brown’s Auto Parts, Queensbury, NY

    We bought our forks from SAS for our CAT and Volvo loaders. Great company to deal with and never had a problem with them. They know their stuff too.
    [Posting from Professional Salvage Yard Information Forum 1/28/2021]

  19. Lance DeKeyser @ George’s Auto Parts, St. Ignace, MI

    I have purchased from SAS. Mine were custom built older loader like 15 years ago still in good shape – recently had to revamp for my new J.D. * highly recommend *
    [Posting from Professional Salvage Yard Information Forum 1/28/2021]

  20. Earl Avery @ Avery’s Auto Salvage, Two Rivers, WI

    we bought three pairs from SAS never had a problem
    [Posting from Professional Salvage Yard Information Forum 1/28/2021]
    [Volvo L110F fitted with 15’Long 6″ wide SAS Forks, 6′ Long 6″ wide SAS Heavy Duty Crushing Forks, and 5′ Long, 6″ wide Hydraulic Adjustable SAS Forks – purchased from SAS Forks in 2008 ]

  21. Larry Brown @ Jerry Browns Auto Parts, Queensbury, NY

    we had 2 sets. One set on our cat I believe we got in 2002 and never had a problem with them. Our other set is on a new L90. Never a problem with them either.
    The only thing you ever hear abut SAS is how great of a company they are.
    [Posting from Professional Salvage Yard Information Forum 1/28/2021]
    [Volvo L90F fitted with 15’Long 3″ wide SAS Forks – purchased from SAS Forks in 2010 ]

  22. Travis @ Dutcher’s Inc (Auto Parts) Morrisville, NY

    same here we bought the 6″ wide ones they are awesome.
    We have them since 2012!and have never had to weld or fix them we have 2 sets we use every day.
    [Posting from Professional Salvage Yard Information Forum 1/28/2021]
    [Volvo L70E fitted with 15’Long, 6″ wide SAS Forks – purchased from SAS Forks in 2013]
    [Cat 930H fitted with 15’Long, 6″ wide SAS Forks – purchased from SAS Forks in 2012]

  23. Daniel Gray @ Doug’s Auto Recyclers, Coldwater, MI

    Bite the bullet and buy em new. Used ones are almost impossible to find. I looked for 7 years, ended up selling our existing set to another yard and bought brand new set. They even made a few alterations for us.
    [Posting from Professional Salvage Yard Information Forum 1/28/2021]
    [Volvo L90 wheel loader fitted with 15′ Long 3″ wide SAS Forks – purchased 5/2020]

  24. Chaz @ Chaz’s Used Auto Parts, Taneytown, MD

    Sas. can’t beat them. the best!
    [Posting from Professional Auto Salvage Information Forum 1/28/2021]
    [Volvo L90 wheel loader fitted with 15′ Long 3″ wide SAS Forks – purchased from SAS Forks 6/2005]
    [Chaz’s has been buying SAS Forks since 6/2000]

  25. Jon Cavagnaro @ Keegan Auto Parts, Kinderhook, NY

    We bought new SAS for both our loaders. Never had any problems.
    [Posting from Professional Auto Salvage Information Forum 1/28/2021]
    [Cat 950 fitted with 15′ Long 6″ wide SAS Forks – purchased from SAS Forks 1/2004]
    [Cat 938M fitted with 15′ Long 6″ wide SAS Forks – purchased from SAS Forks 12/2015]

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