Motorcycle Lift Attachment for Wheel Loaders

The SAS Motorcycle lift attachment is designed specifically for salvage auctions to for moving salvaged motorcycles.  A common practice is to hang the motorcycle from slings under a fork and move it and load onto truck for transport.  This practice is fraught with unneeded safety hazards, such as having a fork extended over the motorcycle while a person is fastening slings.  A person should never go near or under a lifted fork, due to crushing hazard.  Additionally when moving, a hazard is the motorcycling is swinging on the sling which could cause the sling to disconnect and there is a risk of dropping the motorcycle.  Finally, a hazard when loading onto a truck or trailer, is there likely could be a person close to the swinging motorcycle and a pinch or crush point exists.


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Move motorcycles easily and safely

Improve the safety of handling motorcycles with the SAS Motorcycle lift attachment. Compatible with nearly any size wheel loader and related quick coupler. Common units in stock for prompt delivery; Volvo quick coupler, John Deere Hi-Vis quick coupler, Euro quick couplers. Other models can be built as needed.

Improve yard safety:

  • Provides increased operator control.
  • Securely attaches motorcycle to lift for moving either forward or reverse.
  • Operator does not need a ground man to lift or hold motorcycle to attach to lift.
  • Operator is in complete control while motorcycle is strapped down.
  • Operator view from cab is ideal for moving motorcycles without a spotter.

Move without Causing Damage:

  • Lifting weight is carried on wheels.
  • Four strap hold down rings to allow motorcycle to be secured prior to lifting.
  • Move all types of motorcylces without damage to sides or undercarriage.
  • 96” long fork pocket allows ample carying surface for varying length motorcycle.


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