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SAS quarry forks are designed to sustain repeated impact while quarrying dimensioned stone. Specially reinforced carriages and forks provide the durability required in a rock quarry. From skid steers to the largest 200,000lb plus wheel loaders SAS Quarry forks fit your needs of long life and rugged construction providing you with a product that will outlast the competition.

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Prying and chiseling of cut or blasted stone:

  • Forks designed to maintain 100% of breakout force* of machine.
  • Fork carriage utilizes “T” and double “TT” to absorb impact and disperse it throughout machine to lessen absorbed shock.
  • SAS Quarry forks have an added 500-1,000 lbs. of lift capacity over competitors.
  • Zero down time goal, SAS forks have been field tested with NO fork breakage.


Engineered and built for optimum performance:

  • SAS Quarry Forks carriage built completely of high tensile steel for optimum durability and life.
  • Solid Steel forged fork 30% stronger than T-1 material.
  • Assembly virtually maintenance free, forks can be replaced on site if necessary.**
  • Fixed fork spacing which allows multi-use, no need to switch forks back and forth for lifting and quarrying.
  • Designed for high visibility necessary in quarrying, lifting dimensioned stone, loading and unloading of trailers.


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  1. Ed, WPI, TX

    Everything is great with the SAS Quarry Forks! [ Komatsu WA380-7 40,000 lb curb wt ]
    SAS Forks was a referral of another company locally that likes them also!

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