Railcar Coupler Attachment with Emergency Air Brake Assist For Wheel Loaders

Move Railcars Safely And Without Damage! The SAS Railcar Mover / Coupler provides secure attachment between the railcar and wheel loader allowing railcars to be moved along side tracks to cargo loading areas.

Industrial facilities utilizing rail spur for delivery of commodities via railcar seeking a cost effective and safe method to shuttle railcars can look to SAS Forks for an innovative option. To accommodate loading / unloading operations railcars needing to be re-positioned along the rail spur. It can be common place to use a tractor or wheel loader, which is somewhat of a multi-purpose machine at the facility. Due to the low frequency of need and the cost prohibited-ness of investing in a locomotive or even small rail switching specialized machine, a tractor, wheel loader or similar machine can be found in a number of operations. With this innovative design from SAS Forks, the operator can simply drive up to the specialized SAS Forks attachment, connect, activate the e-stop air system and safely move the railcar. This specialized SAS Forks attachment does not require extensive or permanent installation. 

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  • U.S.A. Patent US 11,518,421 B1


  • Provides safety stopping ability to enhance wheel loader’s standard brakes[3]. 
  • Air compressor is VMAC G30 gas internal combustion engine[4] integrated on board SAS Railcar coupler.
  • Control panel for operator in cab for engine shut off, pressure monitoring & e-stop, with detachable cable.
  • No specialty hydraulic installation. No bulky installation on rear of machine prone to backup damage.

Improve yard safety:

  • Eliminate possible run away cars.
  • Securely attaches to railcar hitch for moving either forward or reverse.
  • Operator is in complete control of car while coupler is attached.

Simple, durable design:

  • Made of heavy structural steel.
  • No assembly required, put to use immediately.
  • Mechanically operated coupler locking lever, no hydraulics to maintain or repair.
  • Can be manufactured for any two yard size wheel loader or larger.
  • Move all types of railcars without damage to sides or undercarriage.
  • Using coupler prevents damage to forks or bucket of loader.

Standard design available without Emergency Air Brake Assist:

  • Standard fixed and sliding railcar coupler attachments for wheel loaders are available
  • Same heavy duty structural steel design
  • Standard unit, without optional air emergency brake, may be more cost effective solution for operations that have a lower frequency of use.
  • Click here for standard unit photos and more information.
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