SAS 2/3 Tine Grapple

When moving materials with load placement being critical, this SAS 2/3-Tine Grapple is the work tool of choice. It’s also called ByPass Grapple due to the ability of the tines to overlap and grip small and unusual size loads.

Operators of machines such as Material Handlers, Excavators & Trucks with Material Handling Cranes are typical machines well suited for the SAS 2/3-Tine Grapple.

Applications range from auto recycling, lumber, pulp wood, shoreline repair, lot clearing and construction/demolition waste to just name a few.

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Auto recyclers use this SAS 2/3-Tine Grapple loading scrap, crushed or bailed cars into container trucks/trailers. The square-shape tines allow gripping of auto bails and prevents deforming of auto bails. Also, the power rotate provides great operator control over positioning of bailed cars allowing maximum tightness of stacking on/in trucks/trailers for transport.

Auto shredders facilities make good work progress transferring car bodies from transport trucks, into storage staging area and shredding machinery.
Lumber, logging, pulp wood handling efforts are done with ease and precision with the SAS 2/3-Tine Grapple.

Shoreline bank erosion repair efforts are simplified and allow quick, accurate placement of large quarry stones in critically eroded shorelines. Time is always a concern when facing heavy erosion. Shoreline repair experts and excavation companies can utilize this SAS 2/3-Tine Grapple to complete work safely and on time.

With the ByPass type grapple tines on the SAS 2/3-Tine Grapple, handling random shapes and sizes of large and small material is done well, especially for lot clearing, construction and demolition activities.
Contact SAS FORKS today to discuss your application. We strive to understand your application, ultimately to increase your safety, productivity and profitability of your operation, whatever industry or application.

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