SAS 4-Tine Orange Peel

Massive raw materials got you plugged up? The SAS 4-Tine Orange Peel can move volumes with confidence. Four spades provide for quick, large grabs of huge volumes of materials.

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The spades are available in narrow, mid and wide spade configurations. Narrow spades are great for larger materials, such as large scrap metal. Mid-size spades are good for construction & demolition (C&D) waste. Full wide spades are best for smaller loose material such as paper. Carefully considering your application with our staff at SAS FORKS will ensure you get the volume specification and grabbing ability you need to quickly move huge volumes of your material. Increasing safety, productivity and profitability. The SAS 4-Tine Orange Peel comes in yard capacity sizes from ΒΌ yard (0.2m) to 2 yard (1.5m). Call or email SAS FORKS today. We look forward to working with you.

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