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Take your valuable metal recycling efforts to an entirely new level. Maximize your cash flow from your auto scrapping and recycling operations. The SAS ExtremeTM auto processing attachment is engineered specifically for medium size excavators 16 to 30 ton size with dual bi-directional hydraulics on the stick and and OEM existing dozer blade on the undercarriage.

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The attachment for your excavator includes:

  • “Head” with rotator and Patented jaw design.
  • “Arms” with dual restraint arms the mount in place of existing dozer blade.


Effortlessly recover valuable materials from scrap car bodies:

  • Aluminum: Copper: Other high value materials:
  • Condensers Radiators Engines
  • AC evaporators Heater core Transmissions
  • AC lines Wire harness Catalytic Converters
  • Bumper reinforcements


This is an excellent tool for self-service salvage yards, such as you-pull-it (U Pull It and U Pick It) type operations AND shredding facilities.

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15 reviews for SAS Extreme Auto Processor

  1. Harry Hansen, U-Pick-It, AZ

    I have a few other pieces of equipment, but bye-golly, this SAS [EXTREME] grapple head really allows the operator to extract so much more copper. My other site with a larger excavator and a competing attachment just can do this. That unit pulls dashes, but still requires guys to manually cut the copper out. This SAS [EXTREME] is really the way to go!

  2. Billy, U-Pick-It, AZ

    The hold down [on the EXTREME] is really nice. All the teeth on the bottom certainly make sure the car doesn’t slide out when you are working on it. SAS has really been good in listening to my concerns and improving this design. The hydraulic hose connection point guards on the rotator grapple head are great.

  3. Walters bildelar ab Sweden

    Whe have driven sas extream for 4 monts everyting works to 100%.

  4. Stephen, Dundee Recycling Ltd, Canada

    Stephen, Dundee Recycling Ltd, Canada – May 29, 2015:
    Volvo EW180C equipped with SAS EXTREME Auto Processor excavator attachment
    The SAS EXTREME Auto Processor grapple works great dismantling cars for scrap metal. In our scrap metal processing side of the business, the SAS EXTREME grapple works great for quickly breaking out compressor motors from refrigeration equipment and effortlessly breaking long cast iron pipe into short recyclable sections. We are very satisfied.

  5. John, Weber Auto & Truck, NH, USA

    Hynuidai 160LC-9A excavator equipped with SAS EXTREME Auto Processor excavator attachment
    “We have had the SAS EXTREME Auto Processor in use about 1 1/2 years and it works good. It’s really efficient for pulling wire!”

  6. RPM Metals, PA

    Cat M322D excavator equipped with SAS EXTREME Auto Processor excavator attachment
    “Machine does what we said it would! We are happy with it!”

  7. Jason, M And J Auto Salvage

    We are using the SAS EXTREME, not just for car dismantling, but also to tear apart a metro bus. There’s a lot of copper in them. The shear didn’t do as good of a job. The SAS EXTREME works great!

  8. Stephen, Dundee Recycling Ltd, Canada

    Volvo Excavator with SAS EXTREME auto processor attachment.
    Awesome. Really great service you guys have, Some of the best in the industry!

  9. Cody, Stone Road Iron, PA

    This attachment [SAS EXTREME auto processor] is great for pulling and sorting out radiators, condensers, heater cores, copper wire harness, engine and transmissions … We get more money for our scrap metal.

    Takeuchi TB1140 equipped with SAS EXTREME auto processor excavator attachment

  10. John, Weber Auto & Truck, NH

    “I can’t believe the amount of wire the SAS EXTREME allows me to get out of the cars. It’s great!”

  11. Mike, Auto Recycler Facility, IN, USA

    The SAS EXTREME Auto Processor attachment is “exceeding our expectations!”

  12. Mike, Reeds Iron & Metal Recycling,Mo

    We just bought a new Sas Extreme attachment have not used it yet waiting on our company to deliver it in dec and will let you know how it works.
    We are giving it a 5 star right now and we will be back after we use it for 3 month’s use and rate it again.

  13. Auto Recycler, NJ, USA

    Komatsu PC220-LC fitted with SAS EXTREME Auto Processor allows us to process 50-60 cars per day.
    The SAS EXTREME Auto Processor is 1000% better than the former grapple we used.
    You (SAS FORKS) are the first ones we call!

  14. Jeff, Auto Recycler, IA, USA

    Volvo EC160 Excavator with SAS EXTREME Auto Processor attachment
    Been running the EXTREME for over 3 years, I really like it! I don’t know how I did this without the SAS EXTREME!

  15. Auto Recycler, IL, USA

    Auto Recycler, IL, USA
    The machine with the SAS Extreme proved to be a good investment and very good for my business.
    Formerly, I lost about 20 catalytic converters per week to the crusher, due to they were to difficult to retrieve, now with the SAS Extreme, we are able to recover those extra 20 cats per week!
    Not only do I earn more revenue from the extra cats, but also on copper recovery. We’ve doubled our copper recovery from the old way of pulling copper by hand to using the machine with the SAS Extreme Auto Processor. And one person can completely process the cars. We are processing about 40 cars per day with the SAS Extreme. We’ve been running SAS Scorpion engine pullers for 10 years. The SAS Scorpion performance has been impressive and SAS support very good. Adding the SAS Extreme takes recovery and revenue to the next level.

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