SAS Scorpion Engine Puller

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Increase your cash flow from your auto scrapping and recycling operations. The SAS Scorpion Engine Puller is an excellent tool for self service salvage yards and shredding facilities.

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Increase cash recovery from your recycling operations:

SAS Forks Scorpion High Speed Motor Puller – Scrap Yard Engine Puller – Auto Recycling Engine Puller – Excellent for self service yards processing vehicles before crushing.

Generate revenue:

  • Process end of life vehicles in less than 60 seconds.
  • Pull scrap engines and transmissions in 30 seconds.
  • 30% more revenue by separating metals from bodies*.
  • 1000% more revenue per lb. on wire harness from engine compartment and dash*.
  • 80% more visibility with a direct line of site from the operator’s window through the forks.
  • Cycle time less than 15 seconds from park to full extension.
  • Serviceable for long life. Replace blades in 3 hours or less.
    *estimated only.

Engineered & built for optimum performance:

  • Engineered tough for continuous prying and durability.
  • Hardened pins and bushings and grease-able pivot points for extended service life.
  • Hydraulic hoses and cylinders are protected to minimize potential damage from sharp objects.
  • Built with high strength blades and carriage skid plates for extended service.
  • Clean up of ground debris is a snap with center plow blade.
  • Speed is paramount in this design. Operator uses grapple from the cab, no torches, no personnel needed to hook up chains to pull or move engines. Safer, quicker and less costly removal of engines and transmissions.

Best suited for:

  • 22,000 to 48,000 lbs. wheel loader curb weight
  • With 3rd hydraulic spool controlled by separate lever in the cab ≤4,000 PSI & ≥3/4” ID hydraulic line.


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18 reviews for SAS Scorpion Engine Puller

  1. Robert

    When comparing the SAS Scorpion Engine Puller to a competitor’s product, I’ve operated both. The SAS Scorpion Engine Puller is more versitile, faster and cleaner. By far more effective and cleaner at pulling motors. Probably saves five minutes clean up per car verses the [competitor’s product]. The SAS Scorpion has an excellent hydraulic system. Our operators are extremely rough on this. It wouldn’t be unusual to pull 50 to 100 motors in a day. [SAS Scorpion Engine Puller installed on Volvo L90E wheel loader]

  2. Dino, Get Junked, NJ

    The Scorpion Engine Pullers we have get it all done. We have no time to waste. The Scorpion handles lifting incoming cars and trucks, setting at drain area, pulling motors and transmissions, even pulling dash and cowl out to allow us to retrieve the copper. The Scorpion is the best tool we have. (Pulled Toyota Camry engine & transmission complete in 13 seconds)

  3. Thomas, U-Pull-It, NE

    The Scorpion is great for everything we do – useful for more than just pulling motors!

  4. Christopher, Chicago

    Your Scorpion takes a beating everyday with the huge quantity of cars we process and it keeps going – really amazing!

  5. Gerald Scott, RCS Loco Gringo Pick A Part, TX

    Very happy…We wouldn’t buy anything else. This is awesome!

  6. Jeff, West Michigan Recycling, MI

    The Scorpion is a very well American built piece of machinery…I pulled 5,000 motors already…I can pull 25 motors in a matter of minutes with the Scorpion.

  7. Sam, JJJ NS Auto Recycling, Melbourne Victoria, Australia

    just letting you and your staff to have a very good Christmas and Happy New Year and also how very [ pleased ] we are with the Scorpion it has changed the way we work. Thanks again.

  8. Troy, Chesterfield Auto Parts, VA

    The Scorpion is very integral to our operations. We have been very happy with the service of both our Scorpions.

  9. Alan, Chuckran Auto Parts, MA

    This Scorpion engine puller is very impressive. We are pulling 75 engines a day with this unit. I’ve referred several local yards to buy a Scorpion from SAS!

  10. Steven, Queen City Metal Recycling & Salvage LLC

    We are very happy with the SAS Scorpion Engine Puller we bought from you! You guys do a great job with your product
    [ SAS Scorpion Engine Puller installed on Case 621D wheel loader ]

  11. Dakota, KS, USA

    Most fun piece of equipment to run! (And it makes money for us too!)
    [ SAS Scorpion Engine Puller installed on Komatsu WA250-3 ]

  12. Josh, Self Service Auto Parts Yard, PA

    “I’m addicted to the scorpion, it’s a money making machine.”
    [ SAS Scorpion Engine Puller installed on John Deere 544K wheel loader ]

  13. Richard, Auto Recycler, MA, USA

    Good products. They take a lot of abuse and hold up. It is amazing!

  14. Matt @ B&B Metal Recycling, WI

    John Deere 524K Scorpion Engine Puller (Model SC20)
    We received the SAS Scorpion Engine Puller on Friday. I ran the SAS Scorpion two days to understand the capabilities. Now it is a dream to operate! 30 seconds to pull a motor!

  15. Dylan, Auto Recycler & Shredding Operation, MI

    We are very happy with the SAS SCORPION Engine Puller. We can pull an engine and transmission out in seconds with the SCORPION. This is unreal! The old method was using a material handling grapple and swing and bang the car around until the engine came out – this was unsafe, slow, messy and hard on the equipment. Even though we have a shredder, the SCORPION Engine Puller allows us to extract the engines in seconds to enable us to retrieve the catalytic converters. The SCORPION is clean, fast and allows us to make more money.
    [ SAS Scorpion Engine Puller installed on John Deere 624 wheel loader ]

  16. Hank, Regal Auto Recyclers, MA

    “I love this machine [SAS SCORPION Engine Puller]!”
    SAS Scorpion Engine Puller installed on John Deere 624J wheel loader
    Purchased in 2011. Comment after running Scorpion for 8+ years.

  17. Gordon, Dixie Auto Salvage, UT

    The Scorpion has revolutionized what we do! I love it! How did I do anything without it! The things you can do with the SAS Scorpion is unbelievable. This is just not an engine puller. Pull dash wire, pull engines, transmissions, grab and move scrap and more. Before the Scorpion, one guy could prepare 15 cars in two weeks. Now with the Scorpion, I can process 20 cars easily in one day! I can breeze through these cars and get onto something else in my business. Simply AWESOME! I am very happy and would recommend the SAS SCORPION to anyone!
    [SAS Scorpion Engine Puller installed on Komtsu WA380 wheel loader]

  18. Auto Recycling, USA

    We have been running a Scorpion since 2011. We now have multiple units. This is a great product.

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