Ultimate Adjustable Forks

SAS Ultimate Hydraulic Adjustable forks can fit any configuration you can imagine. With forks positioners, side shift and rotate operations the Ultimate Adjustable can lift, load and move just about anything you can think of. Heavy-duty construction and versatility come together to get your jobs done safely without damage.

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  • One set of forks to handle all your material handling needs.
  • Handling basic pallets, containers, implement equipment, pipe and other materials.
  • Easy adjustment with hydraulic side shift, fork positioner, and angular partial rotation.
  • Run with one auxiliary spool integrated Innovative SAS™ FORKS Hydraulic System provides for control of each motion with one auxiliary spool.
  • 96″ wide carriage.
  • Precision fabricated direct pin mounting or quick attach bracket mount available for any make or model of machine and coupler type. (Wheel loader, forklift, telehandler)

Engineered and built tough for your service requirements:

  • 65% MORE weld is applied to SAS shaft mounted forks than traditional hook mounted forks, providing more durability.
  • Heavy lower impact plate structure for long term durability.*
  • Substantially increased blade life. 100% of blade failure due to heal lock weldment stress is eliminated because SAS Heavy Duty Adjustable Forks use top swing lock forks which reduce fork elbow stress as compared to traditional heel locks.
  • Breakout force capable forks can be engineered by special request.


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