Vulture Wire Picker

The SAS VultureTM is designed for mini-excavators or backhoes with a single hydraulic function. Yards that remove the engine and transmission by hand that do not require a heavy piece of equipment will find this unit ideal for their operation. Late model yards and lower volume self-service yards will profit from this attachment by retrieving all valuable materials from the vehicle before sending them to the crusher. Accurately and precisely dismantle hulls pulling every penny from the end of life vehicle.

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Extract more weight & generate maximum revenue:

  • Copper wiring, radiators, heater core
  • Aluminum condensers, a/c evaporators, dash supports
  • Transmissions remove left over transmissions
  • Electric motors window, wiper, seat and blower motors


Engineered & built for optimum performance:

  • Beak style pinchers to rip open dashes, rocker panels and expose wire harness
  • Clamp surface face surface is designed to maximize wire extraction without cutting
  • Penetrate tight areas with speed & accuracy with streamlined smooth exterior shape
    • Hard facing on jaw teeth
    • Hardened pins and bushings and grease-able pivot points for extend service life.
    • Hydraulic cylinder on rotating head is protected to minimize potential damage


Fast & simple installation:

  • Machine attachment pins directly to factory stick mount, quick coupler or pin grabber
  • Hydraulic clamp and rotate function operate off one hydraulic feed


Best suited for:

  • Rotational industrial equipment with boom arm (ie: crawler excavators, wheeled excavators) with
  • One auxiliary hydraulic function plumbed to the end of the stick for rotating head with jaws:
  • Bi-directional fuild circuit, return not free flow to tank, 24 Mpa (3,500 psi), 57 L/min (15 gpm)
  • Operating max weight of 9 metric tonnes ( max.10 US ton)
  • Operator cab should have safety glass windshield and protective steel mesh to protect operator
  • SAS attachment: Grapple & rotator attachment weight 600# est.
  • Information & specifications presented herein are for illustration only.


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