Wheel Loader Dumpsters

SAS Dumpsters are ideal for use in the end of life processing of vehicles. Use for collection bins for engines, transmissions, wheels, wire and or cores. Smaller sizes save space in the processing area. Attaching directly to wheel loaders you can dump, scrape and load loose material into roll-off containers with ease. Other uses include, sawdust and mulch facilities and waste material processing plants.

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Dumpsters are Designed to allow simple & efficient collection of materials:

  • Enables local collection of components near processing area
  • Enables quick transfer of components to your next process station or bulk transfer trailer
  • Eliminates duplicate chaining, lifting & moving of individual of engines and trans.
  • Enables versatile attachment for easy moving with wheel loader
  • Eliminates need to have additional forklift or skid steer in work area
  • Low sides allow dumping and unloading

Durable Construction

  • Light-Duty all steel construction.
  • Designed to handle 5,000 lb. capacity

Multiple Use

  • Mulch/Core Engines/Copper Wire
  • Sawdust/Transmissions/Waste Material

Simple attachments installation & removal:

  • Simple quick coupler attachment
  • Optional quick coupler brackets (ISO, JRB, Fusion, etc.) for direct coupler to loader
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