Productivity of SAS EXTREME Auto Processor with Volvo ECR 235 Excavator In Auto Recycling & Auto Salvage

January 3rd, 2020

111 SALVAGE in Granite City IL has grown over the years by focusing on details that add value to the customer and to the financial success of the company.

Located in Granite City, IL, just outside St. Louis, with the Metro area serving around 2,000,000 people, there is a great customer base and source of salvage cars in the area.

In 2007 Scott, the new owner of 111 Salvage called SAS FORKS looking for a solution to move cars and trucks safely, without damage.  He was familiar with the quality and great reputation of SAS FORKS in the auto salvage industry.  Due to the mix a cars, trucks, and extended cab trucks, he selected 17′ Heavy Duty SAS FORKS.  SAS FORKS custom built 17′ SAS FORKS with the EURO coupler mount for 111 Salvage’s Volvo L90 wheel loader.

Over the years Scott kept a keen eye on evaluating opportunities to improve his auto recycling operation. In 2011 Scott & Goeff determined a SAS SCORPION Engine Puller would add revenue to processing scrap cars, End of Life Vehicles. Being their Volvo L90 wheel loader was currently used for moving cars within the auto salvage yard, the installation of the SAS SCORPION Engine Puller would add a revenue stream to the use of the wheel loader equipment.  The wheel loader was already fitted with a 3rd spool (auxilary hydraulics) which would allow the SAS SCORPION Engine Puller to be easily installed.  111 Salvage purchased their first SAS SCORPION Engine Puller and installed it on their Volvo L90 wheel loader in 2011.

2011 proved to be another year of growth at 111 Salvage, as the number of cars processed at the auto salvage yard increased, so did their equipment needs.  Scott & Goeff reached out to SAS FORKS again.  Purchasing SAS CAR BODY FORKS for handling cars from the side and standard 15′ SAS FORKS for lifting cars and light trucks from the front to prevent damage.   

Over the years additionally adding another SAS SCORPION Engine Puller, Hydraulic Adjustable SAS Forks, 18′ SAS Forks. In 2019 a new Volvo ECR235 excavator with SAS EXTREME Auto Processor attachment was added to increase extraction of high value materials, such as copper wire harness, radiators, condensors, engines and transmissions. 

Enjoy the comprehensive testimonial video prepared by VolvoCE NA that highlights how Volvo machinery and SAS Forks attachments work in unison to add to the success of 111 Salvage in Granite City IL USA

SAS FORKS appreciates the confidence and trust 111 Salvage and Volvo CE has in SAS FORKS products and support. Further, SAS FORKS is grateful for 111 Salvage and Volvo CE in preparing and sharing this video with SAS FORKS to share online.

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