Shipping Container Forks Lift Connex Box

May 29th, 2015

Container Forks. SAS Forks. 96" wide carriage, 96" long forks, Wheel Loader Forks

Titletown Express, Inc. contacted SAS Forks for a solution to transfer empty shipping containers.  Paul, Manager at Titletown Express, Inc. stated, “For our application the SAS Forks are perfect.  The ability to lift connex boxes on and off our trucks has greatly improved our ability to schedule trucks to meet our customers’ needs.  This also has allowed us to improve our fuel mileage by only moving containers…

when needed with our trucks and trailers.  We are satisfied with SAS Forks expertise in load handling and advice on capacities for our unique application.”

Titletown Express ( ) provides intermodal transportation needs in the greater Wisconsin USA area. With multiple trucks on the road daily, hauling LTL, FTL, local and long haul cargo shipments.  SAS Forks has provided shipping container forks that lift Connex boxes safely by providing adaquate width and back height stability for Titletown Express, Inc.’s application.

Designed specifically for this application, the forks are built to fit the Cat IT28F Versa-link quick coupler attachment bracket.


96″ Carriage width – Width required to span across side of 20ft shipping container to reach fork pockets

48″ Carriage back height

40″ Fork back height.

2.5″ x 6″ x 96″ long solid steel forged forks – Base fork size to lift empty 20ft shipping containers.

Note on fork size: In determining fork size; SAS Forks staff consider a number of factors; any OEM size fork, load weight, load center, machine make, model, size, curb weight, and in rough service applications the machine’s breakout force will also be considered. Ultimately the customer will be informed of the recommendation and will often have alternatives to choose from.  For example, light pallet handling forks, medium service, and rough service. Special geographical or extreme cold or extreme hot may also pose influences on fork specifications.

SAS Forks engineers tough forks and attachments for a variety of rough service applications. SAS Forks staff has the ability to work with each customer to understand the application, identify features that will provide the best operational safety and efficiency, and propose custom forks that satisfy the operator’s needs. See more at